Bill Pay is a free service within Home Banking that allows you to quickly and securely pay your utilities, various bills, track payments and more! Simply log in to your Home Banking account and select “Bill Payment” >> “Pay Bills” or “Enrollment Options” to get started. A new window will open, follow the prompts to proceed. Once you are set up, use our Mobiliti App to manage while on the go!

To get started using Bill Pay, you will need to be enrolled in Home Banking and have an SFCU checking account.

  • Simple to get started and even simpler to use – no additional software or installation is needed!
  • Control Your Time: Simplify your monthly bills and give yourself more time to focus on you and your family by establishing your own controls in creating, reviewing and sending payments
  • Peace of mind knowing that payments will be sent on time – You can set up variable payments (phone bill, electric bill, etc.) or recurring payments (mortgage, rent, insurance, etc.).
  • Safety and Security – Know that checks are not “out there”.  Pay your bills in the safety of your home.
  • Budgeting made easy – Not only can you schedule your payments in advance, but you can easily review your pending payments or payment history. This way it’s easy to plan for the future or review the past.
  • Payment Confirmation – You can view your payment history eliminating the worry of a lost payment.
  • BillPay is free. It is another way for Security  First  to provide our Members with value, convenience and flexibility.
  • Automatic entry of transactions into your MS Money register means no need for duplicate data entry to maintain a record of your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll for BillPay?
What can I do with the BillPay?
When does Security First take the money out of my account?
What’s the fee for the BillPay?
Is BillPay secure?
Can I view the payment history for payments I make?
How can I track payments and verify that my payee receives payment?
What kind of account do I need to be able to pay my bills with BillPay?

Notice:  If you have paid a bill through BillPay and the creditor disputes that the payment has been made, you can call 1-800-368-9092 to see if the payment has been applied to the appropriate account.  For all other questions please call (956) 661-4000 and speak to a member service representative.

Before you can use BillPay you must enable your Security First  account with the Home Banking service.  Please call your nearest branch to activate your account today.